New Volleyballers!


Our Form One body seems to be very much thrilled about joining our extra-curricular activities here at Holy Name Convent. When interviewed many said they joined because they like being active,they like to try new things simply because it makes them happy! After school on Wednesday afternoons they dash to the wash room to change looking forward to training and learning new moves.What an excited new group we have welcomed to volleyball!Many said that they have hopes and dreams of playing for the school and winning competitions while others said they look forward to making new friends on the the team and staying fit.

As they are trained by the coach,they said that he is very patient with them and tries to correct them while practising where he sees fit,allowing room for improvement. The hard-working group of girls also mentioned that it is  a good way to release some stress as they train as it helps them to feel refreshed at the end.All in all here at Holy Name we are taught that it is not only about academics,but also about sports, where we can also achieve great success ! Good luck girls !