Holy Name Convent Secondary was founded by French Dominican nuns in 1902. These nuns arrived in Trinidad in 1868 not to teach, but to take charge of the Leper Asylum. After the eruption of Mount Peleé in Martinique in 1902 the French nuns began to give private lesson to a young Martiniquan girl named Leonie Marie Raynaud whose parents had died in the eruption. Following this a few parents who were impressed with the high standard of French tutorship petitioned the sisters to start a ‘private school’. The class quickly increased in number to thirty.

As the years passed by more pupils were taken in and the school became known as the ‘Notre Dame School’ named after the building in which the classes were held. The present foundations of the Holy Name Convent Secondary were laid by Sr. Jeanne Emmanuel Barriere (principal 1938-1961) and Sr. Bernadette Robert. Over the period of tenure by Sr. Jeanne two blocks were established resembling the present day structure in order to accommodate more classrooms for the school. Holy Name Convent Secondary, always admired for the high standard of education offered, was accorded the title of ‘Approved Secondary school’ in 1949 and then in 1957 the status of a ‘Government Assisted School’.

Mission Statement

To build an environment of faith enabling our students to become mature committed Christians, to foster academic excellence and to encourage the development of varied talents in our youth.


We have envisaged that the Holy Name Convent student will be an all-rounded individual. Students will not only be academically sound, but will have to develop their persona by participating in a plethora of extra curricular events and activities offered in the school

  • Academic
  • Minimum of 5 Grade 1 passes at C.S.E.C.
  • 60-70% Grade ‘1’s at CAPE.
  • Broader Curriculum to choose from.
  • Compulsory subjects Mathematics, English A; English B or Social Studies.


In order for our goals to materialize, it is necessary to have the suitable resources and infrastructure in place which will facilitate the development of holistic individuals. The following areas will be revamped or introduced:-

State of the art technology

  • Projectors
  • Multimedia
  • Digital Cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Laptops
  • PCs equipped with CD burners
  • High speed internet access in the library and computer labs.
  • School wide WiFi Coverage
  • State of the art Language Lab

School infrastructure

  • Smaller number of students per class
  • Round table setting
  • Air conditioned classroom
  • State of the art technology in all classrooms e.g. E beam, laptops, multimedia
  • Whiteboards.
  • Better lighting.

Student support services

  • School psychologist
  • Active Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Teacher assistants


Holy Name Convent Secondary School is composed of six major departmental clusters of subjects that are offered to students. 


Holy Name Convent Secondary School has 4 school houses: 

School Song

Dear Holy Name

Alma Mater,

My spiritual mother

My school forever

Dear Holy Name

We are your daughters,

Under your shelter

Sisters forever in joy and pain.

We vow to love and honour you

Whatever station or fame


Cradle of light and love

Guiding us to rise above

For all you have given,

For all you have striven

We’ll cherish as home

Our dear Holy Name.


Religious Sisters and caring teachers,

Moulding us scholars,

My Holy Name

You avail us the knowledge,

Put first things first,

Forever upwards,

We dare proclaim,

Action not words, you’ve taught us,

Veritas, let truth be heard


With Jesus Christ to bless us all

We have one aim, strength in unity

A solid foundation.

Friendships and relations,

Ensure we’ll uphold you

As our dear Holy Name.


Veritas, putting first things first

Veritas, teaching actions not words

Veritas, strength in unity,

Forever upwards we’ll be.


Alma Mater,

My spiritual mother

My school forever

Dear Holy Name

We are your daughters,

Under your shelter

Sisters forever in joy and pain.

We vow to love and honour you

Whatever station or fame (2X)

School Hymn

Most Holy Name of Jesus

To Thee we homage pay

Give grace to us to Praise Thee

And bless Thee day by day.


O yes till life is over

And then forever more

Most Holy Name of Jesus

We’ll love Thee and adore.

Most Holy Name of Jesus

We’ll praise Thee evermore.

No Name is half so tender

No Name so sweet as Thine

What hope for contrite sinners

How full of grace divine


O Jesus God and Saviour

Teach us Thy Name to love

And when our course is ended

Take us to Thee above.