HNC’s AGM was held on the 26th of September 2017 to provide an update on the school’s activities, financial results and plans for the future. The meeting was quite well attended and featured presentations from Mrs. Perkins, outgoing PTA president Jerome McCarthy and Mrs. Ribiero. In addition, a new PTA Executive was appointed as follows:agm

President – Mr. Robert Telucksingh
Vice President – Mr. Jerome McCarthy
Secretary – Ms. Catherine John
Treasurer – Mrs. Maxine Ribeiro
Assistant Secretary – Mr. Robert Niamath
Assistant Treasurer – Mrs. Sonja Julien-Wells
Sports Administrator – Mr. Anthony Ferguson
PRO – Mr. Dexter Charles
Class Liaison Officer – Neal Baptiste
Education Officer – Mr. Charles Mitchell
Trustee – Mrs. Cathy Brewster
Trustee – Mrs. Cherrise Aanensen
Trustee – Mr. Hayden Mora
Trustee – Mrs. Sherry-Jay Joseph
Principal (Ag.) – Mrs. Frances Lacaille-Perkins
Vice-Principal (Ag.) – Ms. Khan
Honorary Member – Ms. Leoline Calix-Francis
Honorary Member – Mr. Martin DeSilva

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