With majority of COVID-19 restrictions lifted, Holy Name Convent was able to finally bring back the iconic Bazaar after 2 years on Saturday 5th November 2022. Featuring different activities for everyone to enjoy, the Bazaar had a rock-climbing wall, a plant stall with an assortment of plants to decorate your home, a Tea Stall, diverse individual stalls and a Disco. Live entertainment was also heard throughout the school, displays such as pan performances, the Parang Band and HNC girls’ individual talents. Tasty treats from the food strip for when you got hungry after interacting with all the buzzing stalls were also a highlight.

The Tea Stall

The Tea Stall was a relaxing and delightful experience with live entertainment from our very own Parang Band accompanied with a variety of different foods for guests to enjoy. Pastries, tea, juice and so much more were offered for everyone present. Along with the performance from HNC’s talent, bingo was available so persons could have even more fun!

Sugar n’ Spice Stall

With support from the Past Pupils Association, a delectable cake stall with a variety of sugary sweets were sold. These delights ranged from cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other mouthwatering treats.

Form 1 Stalls

The Form 1 block on the ground floor was lively with a numerous amount of people visiting their stalls. Being their first ever bazaar, the Form 1 students handled it admirably.

Firstly, 1 West displayed the bright and inviting “Pick a Lollipop” stall where persons picked different lollipops to win prizes for all ages Including a grand prize of a mesmerizing multi-tiered cake!

Similarly, 1 East had a duo stall featuring food with their mouthwatering Breadery and “Shoot D Shot”. Shoot D Shot was a game where persons shot a basketball into a hoop to win prizes, and the Breadery featured a variety of tasty breads.

For the younger ones, and to add some Christmas Spirit, 1 Central had an enthusiastic Santa Stall. Excitement could be heard in the halls with all the giggles and cheers from little boys and girls as they were gifted presents from jolly ole’ Santa Claus.

Form 2 Stalls

Playful games like 2 West’s Plinko Board kept the bazaar’s energy high! The uncertainty and reliance on luck or chance added to the giddiness of the plinko board.

Face Painting and a Punch Board was also available from 2 East. Giggles from people getting their faces painted could be heard by anyone passing by. The randomness of the Punch Board’s prizes added some celebratory cheers and playful groans.

An engaging Bran Tub from 2 Central was displayed for persons to dip their hands in tubs and get lovely gifts in return. The joy was definitely spread for everyone as girls got dolls, boys got cars and so much more!

Form 3 Stalls

For all those wanting pieces to decorate their homes at ‘steal of a deal’ prices, 3 West’s and 3 East’s White Elephant stall was perfect! Including items for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and even jewelry for themselves. Many different books and CDs were also sold. The stall’s beauty came from the unique one of a kind finds people could purchase such as the ornamental mugs or tea pots.

Opposite the White Elephant Stall was the HNC Boutique with many different budget-friendly clothing items and accessories for all persons! Shoes, accessories, shirts, dresses and more were sold at prices under $20! Perfect for anyone stylish with a budget!

Following 3 West’s and 3 East’s interactive stall, 3 Central had a Game Centre for any and everyone to enjoy! Games like balloon pop and mini golf had people cheering and energized.

Form 4 Stalls

At the Back Court, for all those hungry but not yet ready to enjoy a full meal, 4 West displayed a delicious stall with Ice-Cream, Snow Cones and Cotton Candy!

Another tasty stall from 4 Central near the entry of the bazaar, was the Smoothie Stall! Having a variety of flavours such as mango, strawberry and banana, the stall was busy making smoothies for the high demand of customers.

Additionally, 4 East lent their assistance with the supervision of the children at the bouncy castle. Ensuring the safety of them and allowing their guardians to enjoy the bazaar at ease and stress free.

Robotics Stall

Showcasing Holy Name’s extraordinary minds, the Robotics club had an interactive stall with their very own student-created robot. The stall featured a remote-controlled robot that could launch a ball into corresponding prize sections. Despite the complicated idea of a robot, the controls were simple and manageable for anyone. A variety of prizes like nonalcoholic wine and other goods could easily be won!

Hoopla Stall

From our very own Parang group, an engaging hoopla stall was at the back court for the entire family to enjoy. Prizes like refreshing beverages and toys could be won from just simply throwing hoops that successfully landed on bottles.

Face Painting Stall

Connected with the Disco, the Form 5s also had a face painting stall where they painted people with glow in the dark body paint for persons to truly stand out, in and out the Disco. Designs like flowers, unicorns, animals, stars and so much more could be adorned on anyone for only $5! The stall also sold accessories like glowsticks for persons in the Disco to stand out while having fun.


Last but not least, the Disco, traditionally hosted by the Form 5 year group, was finally back again after 2 years! This year’s disco, “Illuminate”, was spirited and lively from 2 pm to 6pm. The Form 5’s efforts did not go unnoticed as the classic Marian Hall was adorned with student made glow in the dark decorations following this year’s theme. Special guests like Dj Gio and Artiste team added to the overall energy with the amazing music. One attendee said, “I thought the HNC disco was actually pretty good, really outdid themselves”. Interactive picture frames at the back of the disco made superb accessories for anyone to take pictures with their friends to share the fun they had! Dancing and cheering added to the overall entertainment that contributed to the enormous success of the disco as it was packed with a huge crowd at the very front of the stage. It’s safe to say that people were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere of the disco and genuinely had an enjoyable experience.

Picture of people dancing at the Disco

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this bazaar, including parents, volunteers, past pupils, teachers, students and guests.