On Thursday 16th November, Holy Name hosted a blood donation drive organized by one of our form six students, Saarah Ali. Many students, within the age limit, came out in their numbers to support ‘The friends of the blood bank association’ by willingly donating a pint of their blood. Fun fact: one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!! At the end of the day, about 18 pints of blood were donated to the blood bank. How amazing is that?! Even teachers were involved. They had to undergo a few tests to ensure the health of the doner and their blood. Then, after being given the thumbs up, they sat in the chairs and proceeded to give blood. After they were done there were cool refreshements availble for them to avoid fainting. For most, it was their first time but, nevertheless, the girls willingly donated to help save a life. Hopefully, the blood bank may visit us again in the year to come.

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