IMG_6778Holy Name’s Maria Goretti Group is known for their melodic singing and their charitable works. But when does this helpful group take time to relax and enjoy each other’s company?

On 5th February, the girls took an exciting and adventurous trip to the beautiful gardens of Lopinot Historical complex. It was a chance to really bond with their new sisters. The adventure began on the bus ride to Lopinot. At first everyone was a bit shy and quiet but the older girls decided to play games like Heads up and the alphabet challenge to break the ice and also to get to to know everyone at the same time. Soon, there was no longer any silence as laughter and smiles erupted. The girls were already getting comfortable and relaxed around their new friends.

When they finally arrived at Lopinot, the girls immediately switched to adventure mode and began to explore the grounds. They went down to the rivers and admired the beautiful scenery the gardens had to offer. They explored the insides the ‘haunted’ house. They claimed it’s been haunt by the ghost of the previous owner and they were even brave enough to touch a cabinet which has a “Do not touch” sign on it but quickly sprinted away, afraid that something or someone might pop out! Luckily, No one was forever haunted by that ghost but the girls still enjoyed the thrill.

IMG_6723Afterwards, their jitters calmed down and they went behind the house to an open area and sat around each other. Still hung up on the creepiness of the old house, the girls created a spooky atmosphere by telling scary but true stories. Each of the girls took turns sharing their stories of supernatural happenings which occurred to someone they knew or even themselves. Everyone shocked one another with their individual tales and truly opened themselves to trust each other with these sensitive topics. In the end, they lightened things up by talking about sweet and happy memories they experienced. The girls found out a lot of each other through this small gathering and now have a better understanding of who their new friends are on a more deeper and personal level.IMG_6726

After being hyped up on stories and ate lunch, they were ready to get back out and play other bonding games. One of the games they played involved what the goretti girls do best. A Sing Off Competition!! The group split into two groups and they sang different songs from different category selected. They battled it off and, knowing Holy Name girls, showed off their competitive side and fought to win.

As the day past on, the fun had to come to an end. After being pulled away from making noise loud enough to wake up an entire neighborhood, they gathered once again to sing (softly) songs of praise to God for allowing them to enjoy themselves and making new friends at the same time. Eventually it was time to leave but all the girls can agree that their visit to Lopinot was one that would be in their hearts forever and so will the people who shared it with them.

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