On Thursday 16th November, Holy Name held their first Past Pupil and Shareholders meeting. The meeting highlighted Holy Name’s future project; which is the new building that is to be constructed. Some valuable points that were made in the meeting that should be noted:

Vision statement of HNC- We want HNC to be a centre for the holistic development of the students and staff in a nurturing environment, meeting the needs of all.

Mission statement-  To foster a dynamic environment built on Catholic values that contribute to the academic and holistic development of socially responsible citizens.

A wise man once said (maybe it was at the meeting; and maybe it was the head of the Old Boys Association)- You must not look at the goal as making X and Y amount of dollars.  It is about how much resources you have (resources being the past pupil alumni)


To the past pupil alumni; we encourage you to come out and support your school. It is with your help this project can be successful; and help the school move towards the goal of obtaining this new building that would impact learning and development in the lives of the future generations to come.

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