Carnival Preparations!prep3

Since carnival started early this year Holy Name Convent has been buzzing with excitement as we prepare for our annual “CARNIVAL JUMP UP”. Teachers and students are in a hurry to get costumes in order. prep1Our calypsonians putting their finishing touches of their songs. I am sure everyone is so very excited to hear their calypsoes. Speaking of our calypsonians, our very own Sharissa Camejo has made Holy Name Convent very proud in her achievement in being the winner of the Junior Calypso Monarch. We shall hear more in detail in another article. prep2Well done Sharissa! I can’t wait to see the artistic talent of our girls as they portray the theme “reduce, reuse, recycle” in their unique way. I don’t know about you but I am quite excited to see what the form 3’s have done. I know it will be great! Good luck tomorrow guys! Please have a safe carnival!!

Author/Editor: Gabrielle Simbhoo

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