When you hear the term “cheerleader”,in our small Caribbean island,what comes to mind? Do you think of sports days,movies(such as,”Bring it on”),etc.? Well hears something you would not expect.

This Sunday(29th July),our girls represented our school with big smiles and a prepared heart,ready to face any challenges put forth. They stepped out in their crisp blue and white uniforms and hoped for the best. They chanted and displayed their  spirit, while showing their acrobatic skills by jumping and flipping,along with numerous stunts. Our Junior team, was the first team in their division to perform, and they overcame all anxiety and performed well, eventhough  there were a few mishaps. Our Junior team,seized the 4th place title and were rather contented with that.

Finally, our Senior team exited onto the mat and the crowd grew silent, not knowing what to expect. Remembering that our brave girls had stepped onto the mats last year,being their first, and were awarded with the 2nd placed trophy,losing the 1st place trophy by just a few points. So, guess what!Our fully prepared girls hopped and skipped onto the mats, showing their spirit and they were obviously the judges favourite,however they were at first uncertain because they had one little accident. Then, finally it was the time for results and they all gathered onto the mats, waiting to find out if they’ll be disappointed once again or if it was time to celebrate. To their surprise,they were awarded the 1st place trophy and were ecstatic.

So now we would like to take this time to say “Congratulations to our Junior and Senior Blue Jaguars!”

-Quianna Webb


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