Its that time again as Christmas term exams are upon us; and this the exam that usually determines for most what we get for Christmas depending on our grades………wonderful isn’t it? Now let’s be real; when it comes to exams whether you’re a genius or not, cramming isn’t an unorthodox method for exams in Holy Name, as nearly every student does it for at least one subject, if not for most or all. So here are some tips to make that cramming session (or sessions) more worthwhile and give some better results.

1. Have MAXIMUM focus
You need to have a set study time where you have complete focus on the subject in front of you. For the harder subjects such as math, its recommended to have a 50/10, simply meaning that you study for 50 minutes, and then take a 10 minute break. If however, you are studying a subject with definitions or details to remember; or you just think 50 minutes of straight studying is too much, then its recommended to use the Pomodoro technique which is studying for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break. Remember the key is to STAY FOCUSED in the time you choose to study. To test your focus, look at the picture below:
**If you want to know what the words are, check the end of this article.

2. Prioritize
Since you are cramming for an exam, remembering every little detail is almost impossible. You must prioritize your work in order of what is most important or what is most likely to come first or be worth the most marks. Cover the major or important topics first; and if the notes aren’t sticking, then get creative and draw diagrams or write over your notes in multiple colours- just use a method that works for you. Keep in mind to learn the major things first and don’t try to learn everything at once,- you’ll just might end up giving yourself a headache and looking like the dog below.

3. Mess up the Topics
Studying your topics in the order it is on your books?…….bad idea. Turns out, studying the notes in order doesn’t help you really remember. Read your notes through consecutively only once,then randomly go back and read notes given on different days in no order whatsoever. This helps your brain remember the information on its own, instead of simply as a part in a series. If chronology is relevant, i.e. in a history class, be careful to note chronology, but still change your orders.

4. Don’t get Frustrated
If the work is giving some trouble to stick, or you just can’t seem the grasp the concept of the topic, don’t get frustrated and give up. It is possible you just might need to change the method you’re using to study. If the work isn’t sticking, try using a method your brain isn’t use to like reading aloud, making crazy phrases or drawing colourful diagrams. Don’t let the work drive you nuts; take a breather and tackle the problem differently. DON”T GIVE UP!

5. Get Sleep
This might be a problem for most, especially if you have a big exam the next day. You may argue you can’t sleep because you need every waking moment to jam the information into your head; but the truth is sleep deprivation can reduce your can impact to concentrate, which means you’ll be tired and more prone to making careless mistakes on the test and lack of sleep makes it harder to recall last-minute bits of information. You NEED the sleep, so don’t deprive your brain of it. Make sure and you can get at least a proper 4 solid hours of sleep although truthfully it’s suppose to be 6 hours. Go and sleep.1477432400171[1]

Remember these are just tips to help your night before cramming session more productive. You should have been studying and preparing for this exam before; but like I said; Holy Name girls just love to cram.

**The 6 words you’re looking for are book, novel, read, pages, story and word. I could tell you where to find them, but I think its better you find them yourself. The words are definitely in the picture in case you were doubting.

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