smalll6On Wednesday September 23rd 2015, HNC’s PTA held its Annual General Meeting at the school

auditorium. Despite the significant levels of traffic around the Savannah, the turnout of parents

proved to be one of the largest in years, a testament to levels of interest and commitment of our

parent body.

Those who attended were treated to an in-depth address by our principal, Mrs. Aqui, on school life

and the “ideal student”. This was followed by a presentation from the President of the PTA

Executive, Mr. Jerome McCarthy, who provided an outline of the activities of the PTA over the past

year and the plans proposed for the immediate future. The Treasurer, Mrs. Ribeiro, then presented

an overview of the accounts, which was followed by a short discussion on some changes to the PTA

Constitution (the new version has since been uploaded to the website).

The existing Executive then retired, and elections held. The new Executive is as follows:

President – Jerome McCarthy

Vice President – Robert Niamath

Secretary – Catherine John

Treasurer – Maxine Ribeiro

Assistant Secretary – Sonja Julien Wells

Assistant Treasurer – Martin De Silva

Sports Administrator – Charles Mitchell

PRO – Cherisse Aanensen

Class Liaison Officer – Joanne Esdale

Education Officer – Anthony Ferguson

Trustee – Leolean Calix-Francis

Trustee – Melissa Alexander

Trustee – Robert Telucksingh

Trustee – Candice Hughes-Bengochea

Principal – Wendy Aqui

Vice-Principal – Frances Lacaille Perkins

Honorary Member – Tracey Hoford

HNC wishes to thank all parents who contributed to the success of various PTA initiatives over the

past few years and looks forward to continued support.

Attached are some pictures from tonight’s event.

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