The HNC Film Club will be working on their new film this vacation. The Film, named  ‘Kissed by Crime’ is set in the corrupted Callaloo Village where a detective named Vonn Oregano is conducting an investigation to find the source of the crime. He interviews an infamous drug-dealer who tells Vonn that he grew up surrounded by such an environment and took to drug-dealing. Vonn thinks that he is the source of crime, but the drug-dealer, LS Dean, interjects and says that he is only responsible for the over-doses, not the killings. Next, Vonn interviews a murderer who claims to have fired the gun by accident while talking with his friend, Harry Houdini. Vonn understands and says that he too is not the source of crime.

Vonn then goes into a slump where he leaves his office to go for a walk. While walking, he crashes into the running Henry Houdini who is trying to evade the police. Vonn goes into hot pursuit while his fake moustache hangs off his face.  Henry runs into the school where the students cower in fear and screams echo all around. Vonn takes a flying leap at the prisoner and a fight ensues. The scene changes to Vonn’s office where he is covered in bandages while Henry sits opposite him, unscathed. They begin to talk, and he shows obvious enjoyment at Vonn’s condition.

Henry says that he was imprisoned as an accecory to a crime. He continues by saying that the murderer is currently in jail with the drug-dealer. Eventually, Vonn’s conclusion is that the source of crime is society itself. The film ends with Vonn placing his fedora on his desk and the physical embodiment of Crime walks through a dark corridor, grinning.

Stay tuned for the final production……

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