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On Thursday 27th April 2017 5 of our Upper 6 Computer Science students participated in the first Girls In ICT hackathon.

The team comprised of:
Giovanna DeSouza

Samantha Blanc

Dominique Mohammed

Diane Sooklal

Shirniqua Hector

working pic2After a long day of coding and designing for 6 hours straight the girls came up with a two pronged solution to address the problem of domestic violence against women. They created a website that would provide information and post traumatic counseling, along with a mobile application that would alert, call or text any preferred contact or hotline if they are ever in danger.


working pic1 

One of the team members, Giovanna DeSouza won a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone for being the best hacker in the secondary school section.

It was a fun day and an excellent learning experience and we look forward to participating next year.

More information about the competition can be found at the Girls in ICT Facebook Page.


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