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I think most of you have heard of 2c’s famous Jenea Spinks! Everyone knows of Jenea’s outstanding accomplishment in Track and Field, but would you like to hear of some biography of her?

I’ve sat down with Jenea to discuss some of her achievements and opinion about the sport.

Jenea started her famous running career at the tender age of seven years old when she won her first trophy; she has a total of 37 trophies.  In my opinion I think that is truly excellent! I have also asked her what inspired her to start her dream in running, and I quote “ It was when my mom signed me up for my very first training class I was a bit hesitant when she told me but, when she passed away it has been my dream ever since.” I was truly touched.

At the age of eight and nine years old Jenea was already at the peak of her dreams. Jenea also told me how track has been an influence in her life. She said “Track has taught me discipline, patience and how to keep fit but, any sport can instil these positive lessons you just go to work hard. By doing a sport you get to meet new people. I’ve meet lots of people across the world. Just recently, I have visited Martinique and met tons of people. The experience is worth while.” I hope she can accomplish her dream in the future as a runner to be an Olympic champion!

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Her academic performance is also outstanding. Since in Holy Name she has won two merits, Jenea said that her favourite subject in school is Mathematics. Because she is outstanding in school, she maintains a “B+” average. She is a positive role model for all students to look up to. Well done Jenea!

Some of you might be wondering how she copes with family life, academics and track. She enlightened me that it was through the grace of God and the support and love from her father. I then asked her what was her backup plan if running was not successful (It is successful by the way), she said that she would like to be a veterinarian. I hope that she would remain in track because I have seen her ways with animals. 🙂


Story By: Gabrielle Simbhoo

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