Holy Name Convent welcomed our new form ones into our family on September 7th, 2015.
Every Holy Name Girl, whether past or present, can recall the bundling of nerves as they stepped through those iconic green gates on their first day of Form one.
Of course, the anxiety comes with the territory, and transitioninIMG_20151007_213406[1]g from Primary school to Secondary school would always be a journey into the unknown.
Now, one month later, we sat down and interviewed a few of our form ones to address one of our primary concerns: how are they coping with the transition and settling in to the Holy Name atmosphere?
Here’s a few responses from our willing volunteers:

Q: How is Holy Name different from your primary school experience?
A: “Well, there’s a new teacher for each subject, unlike primary school where we only had one teacher that taught us everything we needed to know.”
Q: And how do you feel about your teachers?
A: “While they’re strict, they’re all very nice. My favourite is my English teacher because she makes everything easier to understand.”
– Jada Joseph, 1E

Q: Did you have any trouble making friends?
A: “No, many other kids from my primary school passed for Holy Name and we’re all friends. I also interact with the other girls in my class who weren’t from my school.”
– Nicolle Sasa Diquez, 1C

Q: How did you feel when you saw your SEA results and that you passed for Holy Name?
A: “Although St. Jospeh’s Convent was my first choice, I really wanted to come to Holy Name, plus I get to be with all of my friends.”
– MarieLin Lue Chin, 1W

When asked, the majority of our volunteers stated that they would like to return to Form Six in the future, and unanimously agreed that the jump from being Primary school students to Holy Name Convent Girls was indeed a big transition. However, amidst learning their new surroundings, teachers, making friends and coping with the Holy Name syllabus, the form one participants seemed to really enjoy their new school, and we continue to welcome them with open arms as an official addition to our student body.

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