On Tuesday  February 2nd, 2016. Sharissa Camejo of Holy Name Convent POS dominated the Junior Calypso Monarch (Secondary Schools Category) and was crowned first place winner.

IMG_1865Sharissa comes from a musical family. Her father is a musical composer, director and  a member of bunji’s band. Her older brother Sergio Camejo has participated in various competitions, while her youngest brother Stefan Camejo placed 1st in the Junior Soca Monarch (primary schools Category).

I got the privilege of interviewing a fellow student paving her way in the musical industry.

Junior calypso monarch queen huh? How does It feel to win such a title?

Sharissa : At first on the stage I was so relieved and excited that all of my hard work over the years has paid of, even when I say I’m the junior calypso monarch. I can’t believe it.

Wow! How long have you been aiming for this title?

Sharissa : For 4 years. The first year I placed second in standard 5 , Second year didn’t get into the finals, the third year I placed third, now finally here I am.

Sounds like a solid example of perseverance? How old where you when you started competing in standard 5?

Sharissa: I was 11 years old,  attending sacred heart  girls.

Your family must be so proud of you and your siblings

Sharissa: Yes they are

How did you celebrate your success?

Sharissa: Every year after competitions , the whole carnival crew (backups,artists,parents) go out to eat and we just lime and enjoy each other’s company.

IMG_1856Sounds like fun

Sharissa :Yes it is

I’ve heard your song and as someone who appreciates good music. I was extremely impressed.

Sharissa : Thank you very much.

What was the inspiration behind it?

Sharissa: Well the title was arranged was arranged in the chorus by my parents to bring T&T together as one and seeing as we are going through recession,trinbagonians need an anthemto keep them striving on and fighting for our nation.

IMG_1854It did make me feel patriotic if I do say so myself

Sharissa: Yay! The song works

Who do you look up to the most?

Sharissa: No one in particular,but actually to all the calypsonians who have entered the junior calypso and progressed to senior calypso

Do you plan on defending your title next year?

Sharissa : But of course!that is not even a discussion among us Camejos. I ‘WILL’ defend my title.

IMG_1853And all of Holy Name will be rooting for you once again


Well thank you for bearing with me and my and my million and 1 questions

Sharissa: You’re welcome and thank you for interviewing me.


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