During the Republic Day weekend, the students of Lower 6 embarked on a journey of developing and strengthening their spiritual, mental and social well-being. The theme for this year’s orientation dealt with the “21st Century Competencies”, which relates to modern-day skills, values and abilities required to become a strong, confident and self-actualized woman in society.

Each talk was presented by an alumnus of Holy Name Convent, and centered around Character, Collaboration and Communication.

Additional Credit: Cherice Williams

Day 1: Character

Though it was a dark Friday evening and many of the girls were tired and drained after a long day, Mrs. Ayesha Cowie-Ayoung managed to wake everyone up with her vibrant and charismatic attitude, along with a lively karaoke session. She addressed the girls on the topics of Ethics, Etiquette and Learning to work with various personalities. She engaged the girls in many exciting activities, where we received a deeper understanding of ourselves and personality, and learnt how to work alongside/approach other persons with a different disposition.

Day 2: Collaboration

Bright and early Saturday morning, Mrs. James conducted two presentations based on Mindfulness and Leadership. The students were required to partake in various exercises, each focusing on a different aspect of being mindful and leading a team. Among the laughter and excitement, the girls did learn many valuable lessons from these activities, such as the importance of being aware of yourself, surroundings and others alongside the significance of cooperation within a team and strategic planning.


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Day 3: Communication

The final morning of the Lower 6 orientation was spent with Ms. Lisa Wickham, of Imagine Media TT. Ms. Wickham explored the process of Communication with the girls, explaining its significance, how to overcome various barriers and more. Soon after, she engaged the students in various mouth and body exercises to assist with clear and effective communication. Though many girls did feel quite silly during the activity, they were actually quite effective and became very useful tips for the future.

Later, the girls received a special surprise from the parents of the Lower 6 student body, that truly was a joyous experience.


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To end the day, and the orientation, a mass and sharing was held in the Upper six classroom. Though, the venue was a bit small and crowded, everyone still had a wondrous time.

We thank the students on Form 6, who organised the entire Orientation weekend, from the food to the AV tech. We thank our presenters, that gave of their time to come and lecture the students. Lastly, we thank Sr. Renee Hall and our teachers for arranging this unforgettable weekend.

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