From Friday 22nd to Sunday the 24th; Lower 6 had their annual mandatory orientation. Let’s just say the girls’ weren’t too pleased with having to be in school on a weekend (like anyone would be); because alas; they could not yet see the importance and significance of the orientation; as it was guidance for not just Form 6; but for life as well. What we didn’t know however; is that it would all be coming from past Holy Name girls.
(Photos by Krystal McCarthy)

Friday 22nd- Communication
The lower 6 body gathered in the hall at 5:00pm to start off their session, and what better way to start off than with food (a wrap to be exact). Followed, was a presentation by Shari John, speaking generally on communication. She spoke on crucial topics such as communication barriers, powerful ways to speak and effective communication skills; information we can all use in our everyday lives to say the least.

Saturday 23rd- Vision
Struggling to stay awake 8:30 on a Saturday morning in school is probably one of the most abnormal, confusing and disorienting feelings one could possibly have (not the exact feelings needed for orientation). The only thing the girls had on their minds when they reached; was when they were going home back to their beds. Needless to say Gillian Wall, our next presenter; had her work cut out for her. However she wasn’t only able to get a room full of sleepyheads energized; she also helped us express our creativity and dream of a future for both ourselves and our country. (Special thanks to our form teachers Mr. Jones and Mr.Ramdass for giving up their Saturday to be with us.)

Sunday 23rd- Etiquette and Mass
On Sunday the girls came with open-minds and feeling afresh for the new day. Our presenter, Sarah Lewis, talked to us about Etiquette. She touched on variety of topics ranging from etiquette in the workplace to mastering a table filled with glasses, plates and cutlery.

Following after was an activity that shook every girl in the room, as no one could have imagined or prepared themselves for this. Unfortunately its a form 6 secret; so you’re just going to have to go to form 6 to find out.

We ended off the life-changing weekend with Holy Mass; to ask God for guidance and to apply what we’ve learned as we go through life. It was truly the cherry-topper on the cake as everything we’ve learned was solidified into our minds so that one day, when we go out into the world, we won’t be scared, timid girls but strong, influential women ready to tackle it. (Special thanks to Sr.Renee for organizing this unforgettable weekend.)

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