Staying on top of your school work, homework, extra-curricular and study’s can sometimes be a real handful. It feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done; whether it be during exam time or just everyday. Homework just keeps piling up, you have 3 tests on one day and you’re always tired after your extra circulars so the minute you reach home your main priority is sleep. There are ways to reduce your workload so that you won’t always feel bombarded however; and all you need to do is make a few minor changes to your daily routine. Here are some tips which could help you get your work schedule back on track:

Have a homework book: We cant always depend on our memory to remember all the work we get; so its recommended you have one book to write down all your homework, tests and projects in with their deadlines. This would help avoid those days where you here you friends talking about the homework due and all you can say is “What homework??”

Prioritize your work: You are aware of the time you have available and how much work you have to complete. Prioritizing your work in order of the time its due or how long it would take you to study is one way to minimize that long list of work. Always plan flexible but realistic hours to get your homework or studies done so that it isn’t rushed; and this would also let you keep track of the work you’ve gotten done and the work yet to be completed. Also, the best way of maximizing your time is if you target to finish the work earlier than due; as this would leave you with more spare time for yourself.

Take breaks: Depending on the amount of hours you’ve been doing work, breaks are necessary in order to prevent draining your energy; leaving you feeling exhausted and ready to give up on your work. Take at least 5 minutes to get a snack, walk about the room, or just stretch and refresh yourself. Don’t continuously work for hours which will eventually lead to stress; you deserve a break if you’ve been doing work for at least 45 minutes, so take it.

Avoid Procrastination and Distractions– Try to avoid saying “I’m gonna start this” only to put it off for the next few hours or days. This will not only stress you out as deadlines would be closing in or gone and you have to rush your work, but it allows the work to pile up on you making it harder on yourself as more hours of studying would be necessary if you want to complete your work. Distractions also causes this as well because the second we become distracted, hours can easily roll by without us knowing and time is simply being wasted. This sets you back and will only lead to you having to take out personal and sleep time in order to complete the work.

Remember girls; its all about keeping track of your tasks and planning reasonable times to complete them. If you follow these simple steps; your work load will become smaller and easier to manage, giving you more free time for yourself and less times of feeling stressed.

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