This is the week of sports in Holy name and it began with our traditional house marching; everyone’s favourite thing to do on an afternoon. It is truly a unique time because it’s the week where nearly half the student population suddenly become sick; feel like they’re going to faint, or have a brand new injury that they acquired for that particular week. Yep, this period is a medical mystery to so many; but without a doctor’s note confirming your supposedly sickness or injury; you’re stuck marching with the rest of supposedly “sickies.”


St. Roses

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These girls wasted no time in beginning to learn their eyes’ right on the first day while their military instructor stood in the rain to teach them. Most of their time throughout the week was spent locking down a pretty impressive routine for their eyes’ right, which resulted with them being the last house to be dismissed  on nearly every occasion; as time wasn’t a major priority but progress everyday was essential. They  kept to themselves as the only house on the back court- or on the compound for that matter up until the final day of practice.  Needless to say, quite a few heads were turned to see them come out in their full forces; and they came ready for combat.


St. Alberts

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Alberts started off their marching practice on a comfortable note as the rain allowed them to get the air-conditioned hall; however the same can’t be said for the rest of days where the sun decided to come out with blazing force. The girls’ got serious every time Mr. Williams took off his tie and rolled up his sleeves to teach his girls how to look as coordinated and synchronized as the military. They did enjoy catching everyone’s eye as they would march across to Memorial park chanting as loud as they could; which usually resulted in a “who could scream the loudest” between them and Catherine’s; as they were located on the opposite side of the park. They also sacrificed 2 of their lunch periods to practice their marching routine; which was their warning sign to the other houses that they hunger to win more than anything else.


St. Catherines

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Catherine’s took to the passage way in front of the form one’s classrooms the day the rain came pouring down. These girls came ready for practice from Day 1 as they were taught and constantly kept in check by Mr.Charles. Although he has no military experience, he was well capable of making sure his girls’ kept to the beat and were in sync. The girls themselves were kept their heads on their shoulders as their determination to win could clearly be heard in the loud, clear shouts of the Catherine’s girls; and some may say that their screams even made the other houses nervous, but its all hear-say………………………or is it?


St. Dominics

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Dominics had a different approach to learning their routine compared to the other houses, as they took things calmly the first few days. It was a bit bewildering as on the final day of marching practice it was unclear how they were going to put everything together. Dominics however, should never be underestimated as it was incredible seeing them basically put together in one day what the houses took a few days to practice. They were open and receptive to every order given to them; and that mentality put them back in line with all the other houses. These girls are coming ready for a war, and will undoubtedly not go down without a hard fight.


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