On Tuesday the 24th of May, 2022, Holy Name Convent celebrated its first May Procession since the closure of schools in 2020. Usually, this religious observation takes place in Memorial Park but due to inclement weather the procession was held in the school’s courtyard. 

At the beginning of the procession, Sr. Renee read from a prayer book that contained the readings for the start of each glorious mystery and after each mystery, a hymn was sung by the choir. As the choir sang, the bearers of the four house flags and the school flag, along with the carriers of the palanquin holding Mother Mary adorned with white flowers and blue and gold curled ribbons, circled around the tree in the center of the courtyard before returning under the platform above. 

Before the start of the fifth mystery, the flag bearers, the palanquin bearers, and students carrying flowers began walking towards the back of the school and proceeded to walk along the ground corridor of the Form Six block before entering the hall.

 After exiting the hall they proceeded to surround the statue of Mary at the front of the school’s building where a student crowned Mother Mary with a crown made of blue, white and yellow flowers in front of the school population. Students who brought flowers also placed them on the grass surrounding the statue. Lastly, a prayer was said to end the procession, and then students returned to their classes.