On Wednesday 19th September 2018 Minister of Education Mr. Anthony Garcia visited Holy Name Convent to discuss the current situation with the School’s roof. He was accompanied by Chief Education Officer Mr. Harrilal Seecharan, Permanent Secretary Lenore Baptiste- Simmons, Advisor to the Minister of Education- Mrs. Cheryl Wilkinson, Director of Educational Facilities Planning and Procurement Division -Mr. Wayne Cupid and his team of engineers. The Chairperson of the Dominican Sisters Board – Sr. Stephanie Clemendor, Acting Principal Mrs Frances Lacaille- Perkins, Acting Vice Principal Ms. Khan,  Deans – Sr. Renee Hall and Karen Soo Ping Chow along with other members of staff were also present at the meeting.

The Minister, alongside with the principal and some head of departments explored the classrooms, hall and viewed the ceiling, trying to determine the severity of the situation. They congregated within the principal’s office to review all the changes and necessary reconstruction. During the examination of the school, they met with a few of the teachers as they were teaching in their new conditions. They also gave their input on the experience of having very limited classrooms. The Minister was attentive to these responses; from the damaged ceilings to the current teaching conditions. We hope this meeting will be the first step into the restoration of the school and soon will be back to normal. Though it is tough for students and members of staff, Holy Name Convent will always push through the hardships and “turn a crisis into an opportunity”!

Here are some pictures of the meeting and the wreckage of the Hall and classrooms:

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