The swimmers were back at it again, bright and early on Sunday 28th January at the National Aquatic Center, in Couva. As per usual, Holy Name Convent, P.O.S was a proud participant in the Tidal Wave National Secondary School Swim Meet.

The HNC was comprised of:


12 years and under

Danielle Deane

Rebecca Lezama

13-14 years

Jade Doopan

Jada Cazabon-Dyer

Charlotte Marquez

15 years and older

Elise-Marie Woodyear

Gabrielle Doopan

Gabriella Marquez

Zoe Hart


12 years and under

Kiara Goodridge

Lyla Browne

13-14 years

Jade Foncette

Gemariah Peters

De-Nicha Lewis

Jaedra Douglas

Lena Browne

15 years and older

Ileana Bocage

Lexi Browne

Nathania Arneaud


The girls performed extremely well and managed to swipe up a few of the leading titles.

After the first half of the meet, the standings were:

Non- Competitive

1st place Holy Name Convent

2nd place St. Joseph convent, St. Joseph

3rd place Bishop Anstey, P.O.S


3rd place Holy name Convent

2nd place Bishop Anstey, P.O.S

1st place Bishop Anstey East

After the second half of the meet, the overall results were shared and Holy Name Convent was honored the 2nd Most Outstanding Female School, along with De-Nicha Lewis receiving 1st place in female Competitive swimmers.

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