It’s that time of the year where students and teachers separate into their house colour as they get hyped up for our Sports Day. These are the days where friends turn against friends as they scream, chant and support their house in an effort to be the champion. Faces are painted, team shirts are brought out and everyone sits in their houses giving a distinct and impressive view of the house spirit each member portrays:

IMG_5690 IMG_5664 IMG_5673  IMG_5601


Holy Name started off their pre-sporting events on Thursday with a cricket match. Unfortunately for Albert’s, Catherine’s won by default against them because they didn’t have a team. Dominic’s and Rose’s both came ready for a battle, neither wanting to go down without a fight.

The 1st six delivered by Dominic’s sent the ball onto the roof, sending our teacher and coach of the HNC Cricket team on top of the roof to fetch it.

IMG_5352   IMG_5351

Don’t worry he’s alive and kicking.

Rose’s seeing Dominic’s as a threat, decided to bring out their A game; but Dominic’s refused to give them breathing room on the court, as you can clearly see below.


   In the end, Dominic’s won by 12 runs,    Roses definitely giving them a scrape-by  win. This also led to the 2nd round being  Albert’s vs. Rose’s and Catherine’s vs.  Dominic’s. Final results were:

   1st Place-Catherines

2nd Place-Dominics

3rd Place- Roses

4th Place- Alberts



Blind Feeding the Blind:

To the brave souls who fed the blind; is having a blindfold on a comfort knowing you don’t get to see your own fingers get eaten off? B.F.B is where your house spirit hunger for winning is tested both by students and teachers; to see who has the biggest appetite for 1st place.

IMG_5452   IMG_5458 IMG_5446    IMG_5448IMG_5456    IMG_5454

Albert’s came 1st, finally eliminating the streak of the Rose’s champion Mr.Dookhi and Catherine’s champion Mr.Charles . Mr.Williams from Albert’s couldn’t contain the merriment bursting inside him as he shouted, ‘Yuh could beat we in cricket, yuh could beat we in that volleyball shupidness…..BUT YUH CYAH BEAT WE WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD!!’


Final results were:

1st Place- Albert’s

2nd Place- Catherine’s

3rd Place- Rose’s

4th Place- Dominic’s



The game that requires both balance, concentration and briskly walking without dropping what you have on your spoon else you have to take it back to the starting line and have someone else carry it, which is a set back for your house- no pressure involved what so ever.

IMG_5582    IMG_5522

IMG_5558  IMG_5527

Undoubtedly, people dropped some of the stuff they were balancing, but for Ms. Regis, it was just  a walk in the park as she danced her way across the yard, without losing her balance.

IMG_5571  None the less, every house sprinted for the finish line, with the final results being:

1st Place- Albert’s

2nd Place-Rose’s

3rd Place-Catherine’s

4th Place-Dominic’s



Huff and Puff:

And i’ll huff and i’ll puff and i will………fill a cup up with water and blow a ping pong ball into another empty cup 11 times. The big bad wolves from each house played in this round as the objective was to fill up a cup which contained a ping pong ball in it with water; and blow the ball into the next cup. The screams of the teachers and students were deafening for this event; as the crowd went wild cheering on their teams; and i could still hear Ms.Assad chant on her girls’ in Dominic’s.


IMG_5635  IMG_5636 IMG_5639 IMG_5641

IMG_5644 IMG_5650


IMG_5699 IMG_5692

This event really brought out the school spirit in everyone as each house couldn’t stop screaming and cheering on their teammates to win. Final results were:

Forms 1-3:                                                   Forms 4-6:

1st Place- Rose’s                                        1st Place- Dominic’s

2nd Place-Dominic’s                                2nd Place- Rose’s

3rd Place- Catherine’s                              3rd Place- Catherine’s

4th Place- Albert’s                                     4th Place- Albert’s


Water-Balloon Catch:

What’s the 1st thing you do when you see a water-balloon heading straight for your face? Hold out your shirt and try to catch it. This is exactly what the students had to do for this event. 1 member from each house would throw a balloon over their heads backwards and hope someone on their team would catch it. It was humorous to say the least, although it went by quickly. Let’s just say the people who were competing in this event got a cooling off…………especially if they failed to catch an incoming balloon.

IMG_5766 IMG_5753

IMG_5764 IMG_5754

After this brief and uproarious event the final scores were:

Forms 1-3:                                                                                            Forms 4-6:

1st Place- Catherine’s                                                                          1st Place- Rose’s

2nd Place- Dominic’s and Rose’s                                                      2nd Place- Catherine’s

4th Place- Albert’s                                                                                3rd Place- Dominic’s

4th Place- Albert’s


To bring this day to an end, final scores were tallied to rank the houses in order. Even though there will be losing houses; it doesn’t mean they’re out of the game yet. Never underestimate house spirit; as the real battle between the houses will be taking place on Fatima grounds on February 10th. With that being said, final results were:

Sporting Events St. Dominic’s St. Catherine’s St. Albert’s St. Rose’s
BFB 2 6 8 4
Mouthful 2 4 8 6
Huff and Puff 6 4 2 8
Forms 1-3
Huff and Puff 8 4 2 6
Form 4-6
Water Balloon Catch Form 1-3 6 8 2 6
Water Balloon Catch Form 4-6 4 6 2 8
Towel Tennis 6 8 2 4
Cricket Form 1-3 6 8 2 4
Cricket Form 4-6 2 8 4 6
Average 5 6 4 6

1st Place- Catherine’s

2nd Place- Rose’s

3rd Place- Dominic’s

4th Place- Albert’s








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