IMG_1240Holy Name Convent was awarded a total of twelve scholarships for the academic year 2015. Amongst the twelve scholarships, two open scholarships for Natural Science were awarded to Aleece Warner and Liana Dib. The additional scholarships consisted of one Business scholarship, awarded to Ashley Singh, our former Deputy Head Girl. The number also contained three Environmental Studies scholarships, awarded to Eden Aqui, Isi Imasekha and Meagan Maharaj. A shocking total of five Natural Science scholarships were also awarded to Anastasia Vasquez, Cassia Caruth, Mariel Lanser, Rebecca Jardine and Shannon Woo. To conclude our awardees, Tonya-Leigh Escalante was awarded an additional scholarship in VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts.)

At our annual Scholarship Winner Assembly celebrated on Wednesday 21st of October, we honored our awardees for their hard work and success at their A level examinations. Through heartfelt speeches of trial and tribulations given by both Mr Imasekha and Mrs Dib, we were given insights from a parent’s perspective on the difficulties faced by both parent and child during the examination period.

After the ceremony concluded, the awardees met with the present Lower Six and Upper Six student body as tradition, to give some insider tips and tricks on how to deal with stress, and what they believe helped them on their turbulent journey to become scholarship winners. Here are a few of the common questions, answered.

Q: How do you ensure that you always maximize your time, when you feel like you never have enough?

A: Have a schedule. Most people overlook this option, but creating a schedule that is attractive to you will really entice you to get things done. Keep it somewhere that you will always see it, whether it be on the refrigerator or on your ceiling. Make more than one if you must.

Q: How do you make time for something as tedious as studying if you don’t have a schedule?

A: Since form six classes are smaller than the usual, find a study buddy. Video chat one another on Skype if you can’t be there in person and ensure that the other gets their studying done. You can also do mini quizzes to be sure that you have both studied. If not a study buddy, tell your parents or have them check up on you and remind you that you need to study. Remember that Past Papers, especially for Business and Science students are your best friends.

Q: How did you manage to stay motivated every day?

A: Pictures and quotes were very helpful. Try to change your background to a new inspirational quote or photo- or maybe even something funny to help get you through the day. Don’t forget to reward yourself ever so often, especially for completing something that you were dreading the day before.

Q: How can do you balance both your extracurricular activities and studies, while ensuring that you have some free time?

A: Set weekly study goals. You don’t have to study every day, however ensure that you meet the goals by the end of the week. Also keep track of when your activities begin and end so that you can visualize how much time you have after school to designate to each subject. Art students especially tend to show favour to one subject over the others, but you must ensure that you cover each subject. If this is the case for you, you can start with your worst subject first. Once completed, the other assignments may be more enjoyable to do and it will ensure that all assignments are completed.


Holy Name Convent would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to the girls who have made us extremely proud. They are walking examples that hard work and dedication pays off in the end, and as we bid our final farewell to these familiar faces, we wish them luck in their journeys to come. Thank you once more scholars, for your both your time and advice.

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