Holy Name Sports Day 2017 has just passed us by so quickly; yet the day was jam packed with tons of hysterical, entertaining and unforgettable memories. This is a day where everyone allows themselves to let  loose to have fun; and its also a great time to see crazy teachers get REALLY CRAZY, which thankfully; most of it was caught on camera. This, just like any other sports day, had its own unique and spectacular events that made this sports day an enjoyable one.



Do you have any rhythm what so ever? (Marching is mandatory so just say yes.) The cool morning kicked off with the usual house marching, everyone’s ABSOLUTE favourite thing to do. This is the point where everyone tries to look as uniform as possible and pray they remember their routine because even if you don’t like marching; dis-uniformity will make you stand out from the rest of your house- and no one wants that.

IMG_8154    IMG_8158

IMG_8186    IMG_8179

IMG_8216   IMG_8203

IMG_8267   IMG_8275

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Final Results:

1st Place- St. Roses

2nd Place- St. Catherines

3rd Place- St. Alberts

4th Place- St. Dominics



These little cheetahs sprinted across the field in high hopes of coming 1st and winning their house some points.  The blazing sun didn’t matter to them; all that mattered was defeating their opponents. The girls who didn’t win however showed true sportsmanship by congratulating the winners.

IMG_8319 IMG_8323 IMG_8694 IMG_8676          IMG_8325                   IMG_8670


“Lets see people fall in groups of 2 with their legs tied to each other,” was probably the thought of the person who invented the 3 Legged race. This amusing race always has people on the sides cheering on; whether they are cheering for their house or for someone to go down and take their partner down with them is the question.

IMG_8443  IMG_8456  IMG_8458  IMG_8469


Caterpillar race is basically the 3 legged race except if someone falls, it’s six people going down instead of two. (This race usually has more spectators……………I wonder why.)

IMG_8598 IMG_8607 IMG_8609

Sack race, informally known as “Jumping people-potato race” is a peculiar one as this race doesn’t test running speed, but how fast you can prance like a kangaroo in a bag all the way to the finish line. Watching the human hot-potatoes hop to the finish line is simply intriguing and delightful.

IMG_8459  IMG_8465 IMG_8463

Bucket brigade tested people’s ability to run from one point to another, trying to move quickly and spilling as little water as possible in order to fill a bucket on the other side. This race is probably best suited for those couch potatoes as they have the most experience running from the kitchen to the living room with their drink, trying not to spill any because they’re favourite show is on.

IMG_8768 IMG_8781 IMG_8764 IMG_8784

IMG_8790  IMG_8788

IMG_8793 IMG_8804 IMG_8820

And who could forget the loud, ear bursting pops of those sat-on balloons in posterior pop. The balloons had a lifespan of approximately 5 seconds as they were blown up; sent across the track by a runner; just to have them burst by someone’s posterior. Needless to say everyone was enjoying themselves for this race; except the balloons and the posterior of the poppers.

IMG_8733 IMG_8735 IMG_8725 IMG_8707

IMG_8711   IMG_8832

Mr. Dookhi decided to change up the game a bit for himself, as he did belly pop instead of posterior pop.

IMG_8729 IMG_8746 IMG_8745

Speaking of teachers, we can’t leave out the Staff race. This is the only event where it’s staff member VS.  staff member for points for their houses. These races usually go by quickly because they seem more determined to win these races than some of the girls who run for their houses.

IMG_8887 IMG_8902 IMG_8904 IMG_8899

IMG_8896 IMG_8910 IMG_8912 IMG_8906

We also have the Staff obstacle race, where the girls they cheered for the previous obstacle course, came back to cheer them on for their race.

IMG_8842 IMG_8844 IMG_8849 IMG_8845

The winning members seemed so pleased with themselves, Ms. Joseph even began doing a little dance.

IMG_8852 IMG_8855 IMG_8856  IMG_8859 IMG_8863 IMG_8862  IMG_8869 IMG_8870 IMG_8871 IMG_8872

There are  few honourable pictures that need to be shown before Sports Day champion. Although all can’t be captioned, because some teachers were more camera shy than others; they none the less are too precious not to be featured.


IMG_8110 IMG_8657 IMG_8493 IMG_8488 IMG_8497 IMG_8747

IMG_8500 IMG_8616  IMG_8703 IMG_8925 IMG_8922




I do not know these people
It’s a skirt no matter what you call it
I claim this land in the name of HNC!
Yes, the weather is FINE up here. Go away.
The balloon should be nurtured, not popped.














Ms. Hernandez takes a selfie
Child i am so done with you, leave me alone.








I wonder if I should get 1 roti or 2……
Yes, you can take my picture;’Cause i know i can’t rid of you














Victrix Ludorium:

Form 1: Analeise Arneaud- Dominics Giving her house 24 points








Form 2: Danielle John- Alberts Giving her house 22 points
Form 3: Tricia Graham- Catherines Giving her house 22 points









Form 4: Gabrielle Doopan- Catherines  Giving her house 22 points.






Form 5: Charlize Williams- Roses Giving her house 22 points
Form 6: Tia Jahra & Shania Le Maitre- Catherines Both giving their house 20 points.










Overall Results:

Reigning champions from last sports day, St. Catherines, achieved their hard-worked crowning glory as they came 1st place. St. Roses house nearly took away their title however, as they were only behind by 2.3, giving it a near victory for Catherines. St. Dominics managed to obtain 71.05 while St. Alberts had 65.68 points. Catherines celebrated their victory by running out onto the field, and Mr. Charles took a selfie and pictures with his proud, winning house.

IMG_9013 IMG_9028

IMG_9031 IMG_9016

IMG_9010 IMG_9013













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