After months of preparation, Holy Name Convent hosted their first Sports Day in 3 years. During those years of isolation, we gained and and lost many special members of the Holy Name Family and spent a lot of time away from each other. However, traditions never faded and the spark of our school never extinguished. Matter of fact, we all shone as bright as we could on January 27th 2023. In our houses, we marched, we cheered, we danced and we participated with true zeal. A special thank you to our principal Ms. Khan and vice principal, Sr. Renee, members of staff, house captains and sports captains for taking the lead and ensuring to make Sports Day 2023 a success. Our Appreciation also goes out to the form six body, art students, parents and the student body for their dedication shown and time sacrificed to support the event. Congratulations to the overall Winners of our Sports Day, St. Dominic’s House. 


St. Catherines : F6- Stefani Jardine, F4- Laila Groves

St. Dominics : F6- Sanaa Vincent, F4- Anata Charles

St. Alberts- F6- , F4- Mischa Lynch

St. Roses: F6-  Mckayla Pompeii, F4- Mia Thomas

As I spoke with our Sports Captains, it was evident that they gave their all to ensure that Sports Day 2023 was a success. 

Stefani Jardine, St Catherine’s Sports Captains, described her experience in detail sharing some issues she encountered as she organized various parts of the event. She explained though, the great support that she received from her House Captains and the guidance offered by her House Teachers. She shared: “I took them up as my mentors and did my best to follow their advice. Any queries that I had, they showed their desire to assist and gave me great responses that evidently lead our house to success”. This experience emphasizes the inspiring and uplifting love that Holy Name presents. 

Mckayla Pompeii, St. Roses Sports Captain, explained how important it was for her and her House Captains to learn compromise and understanding while making decisions. Although they had little experience with the organization of a Sports Day, they developed creative strategies to stay connected and work together to execute their plans while also keeping in mind their limitations. This indicates how special it is to be part of an institution which creates leaders with ambition and determination. Their example certainly leads a fine path for us to imitate.

Our Form 4 captains also did their best to support their Sports Captains on both the day and weeks prior to the event. 

Mischa Lynch, St. Albers Form 4 Captain, described Sports Day 2023 as a day of learning and growth for her not just as a student at Holy Name, but also as a young adult. She explained the challenges and pressures that her House managed with satisfaction and pride, allowing her to learn ways to deal with challenging circumstances in her daily life. Additionally, she admired her Captain’s patience as they instructed her during stressful moments and motivated the house to give their best. During march practice, heats tryouts and assisting tasks, Form 4 Sports Captains devoted themselves willingly and with commitment. 


Sian John of Form 4 West expressed the joy she felt as she worked together with fellow house members in races. She experienced teamwork at its highs and lows and viewed it as a way to cooperate with others and work with their weaknesses in mind. She observed the hard work shown by Sports Captains, imitating them and developing more respect for them as leaders. She even mentioned that being a part of Sports Day enhanced her love for her school and her house as she experienced sisterhood at its core and support that is offered at no other institution. 


March and Dance Practice, although difficult, helped the girls of Holy Name to develop discipline and a healthy perspective of hard work. The week before sports day, marching practice was moved to as early as 8AM and for some, also at lunch. The dancers made time to practice, persevered through the trialsome times and practiced until perfection. This required sacrifice, focus and a lot of endurance. However, the girls kept their eyes on the prize of victory and practiced with vigor and proclaimed their House Names with pride. They grew closer as classmates, friends and a house. 

Fundraisers required Captains to find innovative ways to gather needed funds for their house endeavors. House members also needed to give their support and encourage others to do so as well. This experience taught the girls to be creative as they influenced others and supported each other as one.

House Meetings involved a lot of preparation and organization. The Captains and Teachers at HNC proved to value their community and leadership roles as they made time to exhibit the expectations of the Sports day and their place in the event. The reassurance and motivation offered at these meetings strengthened the girl’s resolve to exert themselves and do their part in order to bring their house to success. 

Creations of Props and Decorations were handled by Art Students and volunteers from the various houses. This section of preparation was filled with trial and error, innovation, persistence and effort. Thanks to the artistic fingers of HNC, each house was able to execute their ideas and bring their theme to life. This potion also was a special time of bonding for the girls as they learnt more about each other, their captains and teachers. The creations from Sports Day 2023 will eventually perish, but never will the precious memories made during that time. 


Sports Day 2023 truly was a success. Although the girls of HNC tend to have a competitive spirit, the bond that is Holy Name Convent was evident as we worked as ONE to have an enjoyable day filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Members of staff participated and cheered on their houses, our Captains lead and guided their houses and the girls gave full participation and represented their houses with honor and zeal. May the love and sisterhood at our school grow stronger with future generations and may the lessons from Sports Day remain with all who were present and allow it to create a future of radiance at HNC. 


MARCH PAST71.1581.7566.7569.65
CHANT OUT83.259185.2590.5


Janae Murray166
Keneisha Belfon165
Zahara Glasgow104
Jennesia Allamby173
Nyamekya Ramdass142
Jade Davis101


Overall: St. Dominic (62.49)

March Past: St. Catherine (81.75)

Chant Out: St. Catherine (91)

Sports: St. Dominic (200)