On Sunday 4th November 2018, the HNC swim team participated in the annual Tidal Wave Secondary School Swim Meet in the National Aquatic Centre.

Holy Name managed to sweep up the following awards:

15 years and over Non-Competitive Female Swimmer (3rd place): Elise-Marie Woodyear

13 to 14 years Competitive Female Swimmer (1st place): De-Nicha Lewis

15 years and over Competitive Female Swimmer (1st place): Ileana Bocage

1st place Non-Competitive Girls Swim team.

1st place Competitive Girls Swim team.

Champion North School.

Most Outstanding Girls School.

Most Overall Scores.

Congratulations to the girls and their coach, Ms. G. Hernandez,  on their overall success, and thank you to all of the participants and team supporters.

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