On Thursday 14th September, 2023, the first Holy Mass of our academic year was celebrated with Father Matthew D’heraux as we observed the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Within our sacred Marion Hall, Holy Name Convent takes part in a grand celebration, where both students and teachers come together to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Mass is not just about singing, but it is our spirits united as we render our hearts unto the Lord.

However, like any other beautiful thing, it takes practice. As our preparations for mass began a week prior, the entire school community reserved their mornings to perfect their harmonies, ensuring that God received their best on a day rich in emotion and reflection.

As students lined the hall, row by row, we allowed the environment to prepare our minds and hearts for prayer. Father Matthew based his homily on a diverse topic that involved all in attendance, keeping the atmosphere light and reflective. Father reminded all in attendance that ‘In humanity, you cannot be indifferent to those who suffer’. He used examples to help his listeners understand, using tactful illustrations and ensuring that we left with a desire to apply what we had learnt. A favoured quote was “I will bloom wherever I am planted.” This empowering phrase reminds all to remain strong and endure despite the struggles and stresses of daily life.

Another key part of the mass was a choreographed dance after the intercession, done by six students to bless key elements of our academic year such as; Education, Sport, Spiritual Life, Fundraising, The Construction Building Project and its workers.

In the end, the day was beautiful and we learned a valuable lesson to learn to reject the culture of indifference.