The girls of Holy Name Convent this year have brought in 2 open scholarships and 7 additional. Both proud parents, teachers and students celebrated this achievement together on Wednesday 8th November during the awards ceremony.

It was a special celebration for the ICT department; as the open scholarship girls were part of the first Computer Science class that has been recently introduced into Holy Name. When 2 of the scholarship winners were giving their speeches to the school; some major factors they both pointed out were how prayer and God were a big part of their lives; the effort and sacrifice both given by them and their teachers in order to achieve excellence and that the support they got from their family and friends helped them through their struggles.

Open Scholarships

Taylia Henderson, ICT

Dominyque Mohammed, ICT

Additional Scholarships

Kyra Lewis, Business

Siann Questel, Business

Diane Sooklal, Creative Arts

Shenelle Ashton, Environmental

Crystal Hackshaw, Environmental

Tamera Mendez, Environmental

Soleille St Louis, Environmental



Some questions that are in dire need of answering by most students who have a dream of obtaining a scholarship; were given during a brief questions and answers segment the girls had after the ceremony with Form 6. Here are some of the questions and there replies:


Q: How does one cope with sleep deprivation?

A: Sleep deprivation is a normal part of form 6 life; but in those times you know you will not survive; for example during studying; take a nap instead of sleeping.


Q: Should or can we have social lives outside of school?

A: It’s important to have a social life outside of school because you need to get your mind off of books once in a while to distress and just relax. Don’t go partying every other weekend though; and no parties during exams especially. Know your limit.


Q: How do you study? Picking up a book and trying to learn it off or even just reading it is tedious for me.

A: You need to know what works for you, Find a method that makes studying easier for yourself;  and to do that you have to know yourselves. If you don’t know yourself, you won’t be able to put your best foot forward in the long run and you will just let yourself down and make yourself feel depressed when you didn’t achieve what you set yourself to do.


With the advice from the scholarship winners being given, and some of their burning questions being answered; its just a matter of time to see just how much the Upper 6 body took and understood from that day; which will be shown in next year’s results.



(Additional credit to Alexa Reyes)




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