Students and teachers from schools all over the country came out in their numbers to support a good cause. The Messiah concert was the highlight of their day. The show was fun and the colours were vibrant and bright. The story of Jesus’ life, death and ressurection was portrayed beautifully. The singing, dancing and role play were impecable. The important parts were highlighted brilliantly. The mix of reggae music had everyone clapping and nodding their heads in time with the music.

Some schools present were Fatima College, Newtown Girls, Providence, St. Joseph’s Convent Port-of-Spain, Holy Faith Convent and of course Holy Name Convent. We shared the top balcony with Fatima College and Holy Faith Convent. Students from 1 central, 1 east, 3 west, 2 east and 3 east were present and accompanied by four teachers: Ms. Brown, Mr. Ramdass, Ms. Bermont and Ms. Hicks. All proceeds go toward building ministries for the poor right here in Trinidad.

Some of the remarks made about the show are as follows:
How was it?
“Excellent talent and the infusion of reggae music made it all the more better” – Ms. Hicks
IMG_6441What caught your eye?
“The devil lurking in the corners of the stage” – Deon Eckstein (3w)
Will you come back if they have another concert?
“Definitely” – Mellisha Rahamut (1c)
Do you think they made enough profit?
“Yes. There was a full house so they probably did” – Lyndsey Pierre (1c)
All in all it was a great show and the students of Holy Name enjoyed it. I’m sure whenever they come back again more people will attend.



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