As physical school has resumed, classic Holy Name Convent traditions have been revived, such as the physical viewing of the 2022 Handing Over Ceremony involving the Form Six students. On Friday 11th March, 2022, the first in-person viewing of the official Handing Over Ceremony since 2020 took place in the grand Marian Hall and was attended by the Form Six body, teachers, Acting Principal, Ms. Khan, Acting Vice-Principal, Sister Reneé, as well as other specially selected Form 4 students. All while maintaining Covid-19’s social distancing safety guidelines. In true Holy Name fashion, the incoming and outgoing student leaders of Lower 6 and Upper 6 respectively, gracefully entered the Hall dressed in their formal blazers accompanied by the previous Captains, Vice Captains, and Head Girls holding their respective house flags.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the present Lower Six students who displayed commendable discipline throughout their lower school years in order to be selected for prefect positions, House Captains, Vice House Captains, Head Girl, and Vice Head Girl.

Head Girl and Vice Head Girl

Congratulations to Diella Romany for being handed over the prestigious student leadership role of Head Girl from Abigail Corbie. Further congratulations to Naomi Lessey as she was appointed to the position of Vice Head Girl which was previously held by Kayandra Paul.

The current Head Girl Diella Romany and Vice-Head Girl Naomi Lessey.

House Captains and Vice House Captains

St. Dominic’s welcomed Jessica Aguilera as Vice House Captain and Rianne Braithewaite as House Captain. Thank you to the former Vice-Captain Sydney Celestin and the former Captain Anya Blenman for handing over to the newly appointed House leaders. The house looks forward to seeing how the current house leaders will uphold their house motto, “Actions Not Words”, in the future.

Current House Captain, Rianne Braithewaite, and current Vice-Captain, Jessica Aguilera.

St. Catherine’s former House Vice Captain, Zaria Grandison, and former Captain, Kyesi Hutson, graciously handed over to the House’s new Vice-Captain, Eden Davila and Captain, Jade Foncette. The house is certainly looking forward to how these two student leaders will use their individual skills to help St. Catherine’s be “Forever Upwards”.

Current, Vice-Captain, Eden Davila, and current Captain, Jade Foncette.

St. Albert’s welcomed current House Vice Captain, Hema Kissoon, along with current House Captain, Amelia Roberts, after being handed over the titles by former Vice Captain Genesia Martin and former Captain Halle Lewis. St. Albert’s newly appointed leaders clearly have the ability to show their house how to demonstrate “Strength in Unity.”

(left to right) Former Captain, Halle Lewis, Current Captain, Amelia Roberts, Current Vice-Captain, Hema Kissoon, and Former Vice-Captain, Genesia Martin.

St. Rose’s welcomed the current House Leaders Isabel Valere, as Vice Captain, and Kylie Sankar, as House Captain after former Vice Captain, Maya Richards, and former Captain, Gabrielle Thomas, gracefully handed over both house titles to the newly appointed captains . These newly appointed leaders are sure to take inspiration from their flag’s vibrant colour and uphold their house motto, “First Things First”.

St. Rose’s current House Vice-Captain Isabel Valere.


New prefect positions were appointed to the following students who showed great promise in their leadership ability.

Form 1 Prefects

The Form One body welcomed Dayna-Marie Tang Yew and Alyssa Lloyd as Form 1 West prefects after former prefects Jada Cazabon Dyer and Chelsea Rodriguez handed over the positions.

Form 1 East welcomed Ivanka Alexander and Jessie Lervold as class prefects after being handed over the positions by former prefects Amara Figuiera and Jaedra Douglas.

The form 1 Central class welcomed current prefects Danielle Browne and Lisa Liu after both girls were handed over this position by former class prefects Daniella Ramsay and Alyssa Beharry.

Form 2 Prefects

The Form 2 West class welcomed current prefects Jorgia Cannon and Jerelle Mahadeo after their former prefects Olivia Figuiera and Charlotte Marquez handed over their positions.

Form 2 East welcomed Aliyah Cumberbatch and Arianna McClean as the current class prefects after former prefects Rebecca Tom Pack and Jana Marie Guerin handed over their positions.

Form 2 Central welcomed current prefects Anaya Ferreira and Khanisha Parris after they were handed over these positions by former prefects Sierra O’brien and Zaria Choo Quan.

Form 3 Prefects

Form 3 West welcomed both Chelise Emamalie and Shurbrandy Pascall as class prefects after the positions were handed over to them by former prefects Jael Trumpet and Jasmine Knott.

The Form 3 East class welcomed Jeilles Jackman and Emma Patel as the current prefects after former prefects Faith Baptiste and Dana Marie Parris handed over their positions.

Form 3 Central welcomed Anya-Marie Fitzwilliams along with Britney Pillai as the current prefects of the class after they were handed over the positions by former prefects Izabela Medina and Carlissa Phillip.

Form 4 Prefects

Form 4 West welcomed their current class prefects Leah Francis and Mya Ramcharan after former prefects Taylor Pereira and Kaitlyn Smith handed over their positions.

Form 4 East welcomed Joseann Borneo and Mya Ramdoo as their class prefects after being handed over the positions by Isabelle Awai and Maria Hospedales.

Form 4 Central welcomed the current class prefects Jade Huggins and Saaya Khemlani after Kenedee Mora and Yin Lee Assang handed over their positions.

Form 5 Prefects

The Form 5 West class welcomed Cherise Emamalie and Gabriella Singh as the current prefects after their former prefects Tahirah Beepat and MarieLin Lue Chin handed over the positions.

Form 5 East welcomed Megan Khan and Tamika Andrews as the current class prefects after being handed over the positions by both former prefects Dylan Ferguson and Mya Francois.

Form 5 Central welcomed the current class prefects Janessa Yarna and Shawna Young after former prefects Jade Superville and Adrienne Murray handed over positions.

The Form 6 Prefects

The Lower 6 One class welcomed the current class prefect Kaelyn Grosberg after being handed over the position by the former prefect Tiffany Revere.

The Lower 6 Two class welcomed Arielle Valentine as their current class prefect after former prefect Zara-Leigh Lewis handed over her position.

General Prefect Co-Ordinators

Jade Doopan and Nanyamka Lillywhite were both appointed to General Prefect Coordinators after the former General Prefect Co-ordinator Elizabeth Anne Garcia handed over her position.

General Prefects

Chyeanne Cornwall, Sheneka Alleyne, Thais Furlonge- Kelly as well as Alessandra Singh were appointed as General Prefects after the former General Prefect Amy Ali graciously handed over her position.

The past and present Head girls, Captains, Vice-captains, and Prefects.

Overall, the school offers a sincere congratulations to the girls who have been hand picked to lead and inspire the onlooking student body as they demonstrate leadership qualities no less than the school’s standard. Additionally, we offer an equally sincere thank you to the former student leaders for guiding the school through a pandemic and setting an example for the current as well as future students to take on their very same roles. We hold the former leaders in our prayers as they continue their journeys in their school life and career. Another special thank you to show our appreciation for the present teachers, Acting Vice Principal, Sr. Reneé and Acting Principal, Ms. Khan, who all assisted in the organization of this ceremony as well as the highly inspirational speeches for all persons in attendance.