After interviewing the new form ones of 2019-2020, we now have an insight as to what they’ve experienced here at Holy Name Convent so far. Naturally and foreseeable, they all responded with claims that their experience thus far had been quite enjoyable due to the amicable students and selfless, enthusiastic teachers. When questioned on clubs they’ve joined and their thoughts on it, they responded with groups such as the drama club and the club, being fun and interesting. As for the much talked about and questionable cafeteria food, they actually had no qualms about it and in fact, they quite enjoy it(though they were probable being polite due to their uncorrupted good nature of still being a form one). All in all, the form ones of Holy Name Convent 2019-2020, have had a delightful experience thus far and are content with what they’ve seen and encountered!

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