In honour of Mrs. Aqui retirement, a few members of staff were asked, “What is their favourite thing about her?” These replies ranged from humorous to heart-warming and genuine; but one thing they all have in common is that they’re truthful and they reflect on the true love, dedication and devotion Mrs.Aqui has in her heart. Below, are the replies of some members of staff on what they admire most in her:

IMG_4862Mrs.Perkins“Her devotion to the school, the students, and the teachers of Holy Name Convent. That’s one of the things I really find remarkable about her. She would do practically anything to help a student out; and go way beyond the call of duty.”

Ms.Khan“She’s extremely incisive. In fact, she should be working C.I.D. I think she has these investigative powers that is beyond the rest of us. She knows what is going on and that’s a talent that I admire.”

Mr.Charles“She would start off with something negative, and then finish off with something positive while reminding you of the negative thing. She always keeps me in check as a teacher and I really appreciate that because I would make a lot of mistakes and she would correct me.”

Mrs.Ribeiro“She’s full of life; she’s always bursting with energy. She’s like the energizer bunny- always on the go; there’s no downtime with her.”

IMG_4880Mrs.Soo Ping Chow“Her passion and commitment to her job, and the things and people that she cares about.”

Ms.Marin“She has kept herself looking very well until this age.”

Ms.Singh“The one thing I really admire about Mrs. Aqui is that every small issue that comes before her she always approaches it from a very caring point of view. At the end of it, you get that sense that she is really looking out for you; that she hears and sees your perspective and then she offers her own perspective and you gain an even wider perspective that you never had before.”

Ms.Thomas“Always willing to help you figure out a solution to any problem that you have.”

Mrs.Parris“The way she always welcome my 2 children wherever they go, wherever she saw them; whether it was in school, in church or anywhere.”

Ms.George- Fernandez” A phenomenal woman who is both soft and strong (powerful), practical and spiritual, passionate and compassionate. She moves mountains that others would not ever consider.”

Mrs. Forde“Her sense of justice and fairness.”

Ms.Regis“Her humility and the fact that she tries to understand and relate to all persons without prejudice or discrimination.”

Mrs.Cozier“Some of the crazy things she says sometimes.”

Ms.Valentine“My favourite memory of Mrs. Aqui is the fact that she always seem to care about her students. There’s nothing that she wouldn’t do for them, no matter the time of day or occasion; whether it is the weekend or weekday.”

Mrs.Commissiong“She’s very optimistic. She never thinks ‘no’; and never says that something cannot be done.”

Ms.Lalloo“She is always willing to make time to listen to our concerns and any issues that we may be facing.”

IMG_4896Mr.Ramdass“Her love for her school and her school spirit.”

Mr.Williams“Mrs. Aqui is quite passionate because I still see her coming to school and she’s here very early and even when she shouldn’t be in school, she’s in school. So I’ll say she’s very passionate about this school, and i admire her for that and for her commitment.”

Ms.Moyo“Her dedication. Her commitment. Her passion. She is very much for the students and her commitment towards the institution.”

Mrs George-Douglas“She’s a good listener and she’ll help you solve any problem and try to help you find a solution.”

Ms.Brown- “She cares for the students and not just academically but for their well-being. So, if a student is in financial need she’ll go out of her way for them. Even if it’s a calculator, whatever they need. And if it’s some mental support that they need or maybe if it’s something personal they’re going through, she’ll make sure to be there for them. That’s what I’ve observed through the years. She’ll not only go after the student’s academical interest but their personal interest as well. I love that and I’ll miss that.”

Ms.Berment“Her warm heart and she looks damn good for her age.”

Ms.John“She’s genuine and kind hearted.”

Mrs.Bhawanie“Her spontaneity.”

Ms. Hernandez“I’ve had the honour of having a relationship with Mrs. Aqui as both vice principal to student; and principal to a member of staff. I’ve received advice from both sides in many ways such as her teachings on showing me the ropes of taking responsibility for the swim team. I’m lucky to have Mr.s Aqui input in my life through various stages and I’m grateful for that.”

Ms.Parker“Her heart for the disadvantaged.”

Ms.Williams“She can be silly and goofy at times; and she posses strong qualities of a leader and she has done an amazing job for students.”

IMG_5111Mrs.Charles“Her team spirit because on Sports Day you could see her cheering on the others and see her chanting; as she’s always full of energy.”

Ms.Pang– “Mrs. Aqui has always been so supportive; you can count on her especially with extra-circulars in he school. She’s always there rallying the troops. She’s got such Holy Name spirit.”

Coach Williams“My favourite memory of Mrs. Aqui would have to be when she was out  on the back court playing hockey, for an inter-house match and scored a goal for her house. She always participated in the sports.”

Sr.Renee- “Mrs. Aqui is indomitable. There’s nothing too hard for her to do; there’s no distance that she will not be willing to go when it come to HNC or to her family so we really owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for her service that she has given to our institution and for the many ways she has touched our lives. Thank you Mrs. Aqui.”

Lastly, we  asked Mrs. Aqui what her favourite memory at Holy Name Convent was, and though she said that it was extremely difficult to think of just one memory, she finally said, ” It would have to be when I was a student, during my final year in Holy Name, in sixth form, I was so sad because didn’t want to leave, until Sr. Helen came up to me and asked me to become a teacher at Holy Name.” 

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