Handing Over Ceremony 2018 (Gallery)

Girls of Form 6 celebrated the swearing in as well as the retirement of Prefects, Captains and Headgirls. Here are all the photos from the life-changing day the girls had: [justified_image_grid mobile_preset=3 ids=”16658,16660,16663,16664,16666,16671,16672,16673,16675,16679,16683,16685,16687,16689,16691,16694,16695,16697,16699,16700,16701,16702,16703,16704,16705,16706,16707,16708,16709,16710,16711,16713,16714,16715,16717,16718,16719,16720,16722,16723,16724,16725,16726,16727,16728,16729,16730,16732,16733,16734,16736,16738,16740,16739,16741,16744,16746,16750,16751,16752,16754,16755,16756,16757,16758,16759,16760,16761,16762,16763,16764,16765,16767,16768,16769,16770,16771,16772,16773,16774,16775,16776,16777,16778,16779,16780,16781,16783,16786,16789,16791″]

Carnival 2018

The girls of Lower 6 this year had a completely new and strenuous task placed before them. Instead of the usual form against form for Carnival; this year it was modified into house against house.  With little time to work with, and the sacrifice of sleep and much of our sanity; not only was it […]

Walkathon 2017 Gallery

Here are the photos of this year’s Walkathon taken by our budding journalist and photographer Cherice Williams. The event was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Pre-Sports Hype (Gallery)

Pre-sports events is always an exciting time where true house spirit always come out! These images should evoke some emotions.    

Good Bye Mrs. Aqui (In Pictures)

If a picture says 1000 words you may not be able to stop talking as you go through the day that was dedicated to Mrs. Aqui. Photos by – Alexa Reyes

2016 Bazaar Success!!

Another exciting year for Holy Name Convent; Another successful turnout for our annual Bazaar! Thanks to all the efforts of the students, teachers, administration and PTA, Christmas Bazaar 2016 went off with no problems. All stalls were beautifully decorated as well as the Disco. Wonderful prizes were won and delicious food was sold. Smiling faces […]

School Netball League

The under-16’s had their first game last Tuesday 11th October against St. Francois, unfortunately they lost 9-15. One of the under-16 players commented on the game her name is Renelle Mason-Ayers, here is what she said,” I think we played well, better in the second half, but overall we did well.” The under-14 team had […]

Outgoing Captains Interview 2016

By Justina Ferguson Wow! Yes, indeed an entire year has passed since ten students of the current upper 6 body became school leaders in the various positions such as head girl, deputy head girl, house captains and house vice captains. The journey for these ten extraordinary individuals has come to an end but it’s not […]

Calypso Competition 2016

With the season quickly moving along, Holy Name Convent held their Annual Calypso Competition on the morning of February 4th, 2016. This year, we spiced up our usual tradition with throwing our artists a curve ball: You had to re-use the music of an older calypso. This proved to be successful, as the entire school […]

Scholarship Winners 2015

Holy Name Convent was awarded a total of twelve scholarships for the academic year 2015. Amongst the twelve scholarships, two open scholarships for Natural Science were awarded to Aleece Warner and Liana Dib. The additional scholarships consisted of one Business scholarship, awarded to Ashley Singh, our former Deputy Head Girl. The number also contained three […]